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Sitar, Imdad Khani Gharana

Shankar-guitar, Imdad Khani Gharana

bansuri, Maihar Gharana

Dhrupad Vocal, Dagarvani

Dhrupad Vocal, Dagarvani
Sarod, Senia Bangash Gharana

Vocal, Hindustani
Sitar, Imdad Khani Gharana

Gottuwadhyam, Carnatic
szitár, Imdad Khani Gharana
Shankar-guitar, Imdad Khani Gharana


Dhrupad Vocal

Ghatam, Kanjira, Carnatic

Sarod, Senia Bangash Gharana

Vocal, Carnatic

Qawwali, Pakistan
Qawwali, Pakistan
Sarod, Shahjahanpur Gharana
Sitar, Imdad Khani Gharana

Violin, Carnatic

Dhrupad Vocal

Imdad Khani Sitar
Masters of Percussion

Carnatic Bansuri
Imdadkhani Sitar

khyal Vocal
Maihar Gharana Sarod

Masters of Indian Classical Music XIX.

6th of March, 2015. Sunday
Trafó, Budapest 20.00

Ashvini Modak
a young legend of Hindustani vocal

Shekar Ganesan - Harmonium
Vikas Naregal - Tabla

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Ashvini Modak

Ashvini  Modak is a promising  talent in the field of Hindustani Classical Music. She has an inborn talent for music from early childhood and was initiated at an early age of 5 yrs in this field by her mother Smt. Latika V. Vyaghrambare who herself is an accomplished vocalist. Her grandfather Late Shri P. G. Sukhatme was also stage artist of marathi theatre. Ashvini was tutored by the renowned Sitar mestro Pt. Shri Bimalendu Mukherjee of Imdadkhani Gharana for several years. At present she is under the tutelage of renowned vocalist "Padmabhushan" Dr. Prabha Atre of Kirana Gharana.

Apart from being proficient in Khyal gayaki, Ashvini has also enthralled the audiences in rendering semi classical forms like Thumri, Dadra and Bhajans. She is a B High grade artist of All India Radio (AIR) Pune. She has given several performances all over the country and abroad

"Vocal rendition by Ashvini Modak was a magic of dedication and talent. Ashvini is one of the few, if not the only who can sing "Tappa khayal" the most difficoult singing style of Hindustan.

The Times Of India

Ashvini official page:

Shekar Ganesan

Shekar Ganeshan is the disciple of Pandit Vyas Murti Katti ( Bangalore), presently taking guidance from Pandit Shubendra Rao. Shekar, an upcoming artist is accompanying both Vocal and Tabla solo with various great artists like Ustad Akram Khan (tabla) Pandit Gokulotsav Maharaj, Vidushi Shano Khurana, Pandit Harish Tiwari, Pandit Deepak Chaterjee, etc.

Shekar is an All India Radio artist. Also having a unit of Tabla-Harmonium duet with his son Leo (Tabla) which had a successful response amongst the audience.

Vikas Naregal

Vikas Naregal comes from a family of musical background and started his initial tutelage under Pt. Hire Gowdal. At the age of 12 find his guru, the tabla maestro Pt. Ravindra Yavagal. Through his guru he was iniciated to the tradition of Ahmad Jaan Thirakwa, on of the most famous tabla player of the 20th century.

Besides his concerts his the tabla professor of Sarala Music Academy, Bangalore. He gave solo concerts all over the world and accompanist of great vocalist of India in great concert halls of Asia as well.