29th of September, 2019
Trafó, Budapest 20.00

With the help of multimedia we will extend our sensations to travel our mind to exotic places in India which are related to special musical compositions. We will see the places, we can smell the places and we can see their lights during the concert. This is a real 5 dimensional India Trip.

These exotic ragas will be presented by two outstanding soloists: Purvi Parikh and Pandit Bharat Bushan Goswami. They will use the human voice and a similar sounding Indian violin-like instrument, the Sarangi, to sound these magical melodies.

Poorvi Parikh – Vocal
Bharat Bhushan Goswami – Sarangi
Bhupinder Singh Chaggar – Tabla

During the concert you will get a short explanation on the historical and musical background of the ragas performed.

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Poorvi Parikh

She is a well-established ‘Khayal’ singer of the Kirana Gharana. This musical school is the most emotional in the Indian tradition of performing arts. It was her father, Pandit Arvind Parikh, who first taught her. Later she also learnt from Ustad Fayyaz Ahmed Khan, Ustad Niaz Ahmed Khan and Girija Devi. She also had the privilege of receiving guidance from Ustad Vilayat Khan, Ustad Sultan Khan and Ustad Maskoor Ali Khan.

Bharat Bhushan Goswami

The Sarangi does not literally speak, but sighs, laughs, cries and – most importantly – sings. Bharat Bhushan Goswami, who was born in the legendary Mathura, where, allegedly, Krishna was born. Both Goswami’s father and grandfather were acknowledged musicians at the famous Radha Rani temple, and as such, in addition to becoming a singer, Goswami also started playing on the Sarangi, the ‘singing instrument’.


Bhupinder Singh Chaggar

photo by: Zafir Dániel ©

Bhupinder Singh ChaggarHe is one of the foremost disciples of the gharanadar of the Benaras Gharana, the late Pt. Sharda Sahai. Over the years, Bhupinder has established himself as one of the top tabla soloists and accompanists in Europe and in India as well.